How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Child?

How much does it cost to raise two little girls from Chicago?
A new USDA web site can tell you. There is a cost calculator to help you figure it out.

With economic conditions constraining more of us each day, sooner or later we’ll come face to face with what’s working and what’s not. Understanding how our consumer choices impact how well our lives work is a critical first step to mastering the “Is It Healthy?” Game.

Grocery Chain To Offer Health Information

Supervalu Inc. is about to launch a store wide nutritional information campaign to let shoppers know which products in their stores meet government health recommendations. They deserve congratulations for taking that first crucial step in serving the highest needs of their customers.  Although that begs the question, what about all the products that don’t make the cut?

Natural product retailers don’t have that problem. They’ve always understood that educating their customers about health, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices is the foundation of a high performing, profitable business model. Natural product stores have grown from a fringe niche market segment to an industry with mutli billion dollar annual sales.

Stores like Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Cottage, Hi-Health among others have done a brilliant job of increasing their customers nutritional IQ.

It’s encouraging that some of the traditional grocery chains are beginning to see the value of consumer education. The state of New York discovered that they earned a $10 return on every $1 spent on health education.

Being healthy isn’t rocket science. The advantages of an educated and informed consumer will be the tipping point that marries personal responsibility and high value spending choices.

Once consumers become masterful in answering the question, “Is It Healthy?”, the choices they make and the demands they place on  merchants, vendors and institutions will begin to reflect a bias towards health rather than trying to manage disease. Who knows, maybe focusing on health will actually work. That’s a future worth living into, don’t you think?

Caffeine Packs Stronger, Quicker Effect On Men In Only Ten Minutes

Thanks to Food Product Design for the story on researchers from the University of Barcelona (UB) who showed that caffeine has a greater effect on men than women, and that these effects start just 10 minutes after it is drunk. In addition, contrary to what was previously thought, it has also been shown that decaffeinated coffee also produces an increased state of alertness.

Read more on caffiene’s turbo effects.

Diet More Important Than Exercise

New research bears glad tidings for couch potatoes everywhere.

Watch What You Eat

Watch What You Eat

Researchers from Loyola University Health System and other centers compared African American women in metropolitan Chicago with women in rural Nigeria. On average, the Chicago women weighed 184 pounds and the Nigerian women weighed 127 pounds. Researchers had expected to find that the slimmer Nigerian women would be more physically active. To their surprise, they found no significant difference between the two groups in the amount of calories burned during physical activity.

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