Longer School Lunches Lead To Better Food Choices

School Salad Bar

Longer School Lunches Lead To Better Food Choices, Say Researchers

More research to inform industrial education. Less time to eat definitely makes an impact. Not only on food choices, but the amount of food chosen that gets eaten. More food waste.

I guess there’s a big difference between 20 and 15 minutes to eat lunch. What’s wrong with this picture? School salad bars are one of the easiest options available for teaching healthy food choices and learning life long values. If we don’t allow enough time to eat lunch, what’s the point?

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The Glycaemic Outcomes Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon Stick and Powder

The Glycaemic Outcomes Of Cinnamon, A Review Of The Experimental Evidence And Clinical Trials

Arjuna B. Medagama Email author Nutrition Journal201514:108 DOI: 10.1186/s12937-015-0098-9 ©  Medagama. 2015

Recent estimates show that over 80 % of people living in developing countries depend on Complimentary Alternative Medicine for treatment of health conditions [9]. In the United States an increase of 380 % is seen in the use of herbal remedies [13]. The economic burden of CAMs is substantial, with the UK population in 2001 having spent an estimated 340 million pounds on CAMs [14]. More recently in 2013, Herman estimates the cost of Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) in the US to be 34 billion dollars [15].

Integrative medicine is a new discipline of medicine that combines conventional medicine with evidence-based complementary medicines. Patients with diabetes are increasingly eager to be part of their disease management and keen to try out integrative strategies that involve lifestyle changes and self management [16].

Food as medicine is still the quickest direct route to wellness. Now we’re just going to prove it to ourselves all over again.

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How Do Consumer Attitudes On Nutritional Supplements Differ From Policy Makers?

Supplement Essentials Nutrition News Cover

Consumer Attitudes About The Role Of Multivitamins And Other Dietary Supplements: Report of a Survey

Annette Dickinson Email author,Douglas MacKay and Andrea Wong

What do consumers who take nutritional supplements know that policy makers and health care industry experts don’t? They know that nutritional supplements are essential to health. That means consumers continue to buy, consume and drive new market applications for nutraceuticals and phytonutrients. Nature’s way works best. Food was always our only medicine.

Public health agencies across the country are dealing with a tsunami of lifestyle based diseases which fall overwhelmingly on emergency rooms. We know where the food deserts are. The absence of reliable food systems in all our communities point to nutritional supplements as being an affordable, vital part of any wellness plan.

U.S. nutrition surveys find that intakes of many nutrients fall short of recommendations. The majority of U.S. adults use multivitamins and other dietary supplements as one means of improving nutrient intakes.

Some policy makers and health professionals appear reluctant to recommend routine use of dietary supplements to fill nutrient gaps in the diet, in part because they are concerned that people will view the supplements as a substitute for dietary improvement and that the use of supplements may lead to overconsumption of micronutrients.

Surveys find that in fact users of dietary supplements tend to have better diets and adopt other healthy habits, suggesting that the supplements are viewed as one aspect of an overall effort to improve wellness. Furthermore, evidence demonstrates that the incidence of excess micronutrient intake is low. We report the results of a survey probing consumer attitudes about the role of dietary supplements.
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Emergency Water: 4 Ways to Enjoy Clean Water Anytime

Water Droplet Crown And Rings

Emergency Water: 4 Ways to Enjoy Clean Water Anytime

ELIZABETH RENTER reminds us of something we take for granted every day – clean drinking water. What if something happens to put your water supply at risk? What do you do? When duck and cover won’t work, check out these strategies. Maybe they will capture your attention long enough to save you from having to visit panic city when disaster road arrives at your door.
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