What We Do

We capture attention. We’re experts at bringing relevance to your health. Once something is relevant to us as, we are more likely to find ourselves aware of the underlying values that make it relevant.

Consciously bringing those values into the present moment is a creative act. This act energizes our values and leads to successful results in the areas of our lives that matter most to us.

Over the years at Nutrition News, we’ve expanded our capacity to source, store and share health related information. We sort that info by what we believe is the most compelling and relevant to your life and aliveness.

Health is now a global conversation. We’ve developed a proprietary content management system that allows us to filter and sort the growing body of health information into manageable categories. These categories relate to your life’s health. This allows us to bring you the most relevant bits and in the formats best suited to your personal health journey.

To support your journey, we’re always on the lookout for the best practices, most provocative thinkers, and leading edge science to share with you. In addition, we sort for the most effective, results-producing tips, tools and new health possibilities for your consideration.

We’ll share them with you, and then you can do the same for someone else. Sharing your experience is a big  part of playing the Is It Healthy?” Game.