Why Nutrition News?

It’s about self expression. It’s how we’ve chosen to fulfill our life’s purpose as an expression of our most important values.

It’s about Our Promise. You can count on us to compile, edit and mix equal parts of relevance and possibility, and we’ll serve it up just for you. Whether your health interest is personal, for business or organizational, we promise to inspire, surprise, delight, poke, provoke and elevate your health conversations. Be healthy. Enjoy.

It’s about the benefits.

Participating in a global conversation for the transformation of health is a life altering. event. It matters in ways we are yet to imagine. The possibility of creating health for ourselves, our relationships and our world is expansive, generous and all-inclusive. It is the ultimate expression of abundance.

It’s about the results.

Life ends. Nutrition News is about being powerful in making healthy choices now. It’s about being responsible for health occurring as present in your life, family, community and in the world.

Life’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s about the quality of the life you lead while you’re here.

It’s About Nutrition News.


  1. nutrition >noun 1 the act or process of nourishing or being nourished.
  • -ORIGIN Latin, from nutrire to feed to ‘nourish’.
  1. news >noun 1 newly received or noteworthy information about recent events.

2 (the news) a broadcast or published news report.

3 (news to) informal information not previously known to.