Tart Cherry Juice Lowers Blood Pressure
Tart Cherry Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

Recommendations Not Based On Clinical Data

The latest issue of Nutrition News contains an interview with Ann Louise Gittleman, the first lady of nutrition. She was the one calling a flag on the play back in the 80’s when we were being told that fat is dangerous. “Eat Fat, Lose Weight” breaks down the skinny on fats.

Steven E Nissen and Nina Tiecholz have an interesting article discussing the back story of the food pyramid scheme that seems to change based on a ring-around-the-posey strategy where grains, fats or carbs is left out.

Despite reams of clinical data on nutrition, our recommended daily doses are laughable for most nutrients. What we get through fortified foods is like trying to bail out a life boat with a thimble.

The food pyramid scheme is one more swing at raising consumer awareness about basic human nutritional health requirements.

It’s in our best interest to understand how nutrition science can impact the ‘owners manual’ for our own bodies.