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Our Kids’ Health Is Being

Sacrificed To Corporate Greed!

In 2003 with the publication of Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith, Nutrition News said, “Just say ‘no’ to GMOs!”

Recently, a live presentation by Zen Honeycutt revealed a deeper level of danger inherent to genetically engineered plants and their poisonous harvest.1

Don’t Poison Your Kids With GMO Foods

Through revelatory laboratory testing, Zen uncovered that GMO “foods” are a poison delivery system to humans.

Save Our Children Now!!!

A direct danger to our health, our children are even more vulnerable.

The information in this newsletter is hard to take. You’ll want to put your fingers in your ears and go “Lalalalalala”.

After a while that gets boring and the problem is still there. So we might as well stay aware and start doing something about it.