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What’s This Issue About?


Natural Solutions For Colds, Flu, & Bronchitis


    • Is It A Cold Or The Flu? (Take The Quiz)

    • 3 Steps To Avoid Colds & Flu

    • Immune System Support

    • Homeopathy For Your Home

    • An Ounce Of Prevention

Products In Colds & Flus 


Multivitamin mineral (MVM), C, D3, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Omega 3, Lactobacillus GG,  

L acidophilus, Homeopathics, Elderberry Extract, Echinacea, Dried Aged Garlic,

Carotenoids (Astaxanthin, Lutein, Lycopene, Alpha carotene),

PCOs, Olive Leaf Extract, Astragalus, Selenomethionine, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), Glutathione, Bioflavonoids, Oscillococcinum, Western Larch, Vit A, Ashwaganda, Duneliella

Every second, someone is catching a cold. Sneeze germs can travel at speeds up to 200 mph.

Since 2010, cases of colds and flus rose 700%, from 9 million to 49 million in the 2017-2018 season.

Find out how Ad-Free Nutrition News Colds, Flu, & You can help your customers avoid colds and flu this season, and how it can help your bottom line. 



Packages and Pricing

We Have Plans For Every Size Business, Organization or Agency.

Too Big Or Too Small? Let Us Know What Works Best For You.

250 – 1,000 

2,500 – 10,000 

25,000 – 100,000 

3 Action Steps To Leverage “Colds & Flu” In Your Store . . .

1.  Read “Colds, Flus, & You.”

Request your staff read it.

2. Make Sure It Gets Into Your Customers’ Hands.

This is the KEY to sparking sales, and to our
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

3. Track Your Sales.

Look at your sales for the items covered pre-distribution, say 6 weeks.

Then check after.

“Our chromium sales increased 1800% within two weeks of asking our customers to read Nutrition News Chromium, and tell us what they thought about it.


Blair Holland

NBT Team Lead, Retired, Whole Foods Market, Monterey, CA

“We sold 1000 units of melatonin within five days of distributing the Nutrition News melatonin issue and 1454 units for the month* and $6,237.66 in sales.”  (*June 2005)


Kemper Isley

Board Chairman,, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage