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Change What Your
Kids Eat — And
Change Their Future

Every year, at the end of summer, millions of American children to go back to school. These children need a healthy diet to provide nutrients for growth, for clear thought processing and emotional stability, for the energy to support vigorous physical activities, for a strong immune system, and for lots of laughter and joy each day.

Theoretically, children are taught to eat a varied diet rich in whole foods with a limited quantity of lean meats, dairy, fats, and sweets.

Unfortunately, this theory rarely materializes. Typically, children are raised on toaster-ready pastries and sugared cereals, pre-packaged lunches, sugary snacks, and greasy fast food dinners.

They have little, if any, taste for green vegetables or whole grains. Fruit is seldom the first choice for a snack if candy, chips or soft drinks are available. Sadly, these poor habits lead to poor health as children grow.