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Is It Healthy?

How Often Do You Ask Yourself This Question?

What Does It Mean To You?

Imagine How Asking It Could Change Your Life.

“Is It Healthy?”

For many of us, this question occurs as “Is it healthy for me?

The more involved we become with the question the more likely it is that we will take it beyond ourselves, asking, “Is it healthy for my family?, …for my friends?, …for my pets?, …my home?, …my yard?, …my neighborhood?, …my community?” And, ultimately: “Is it healthy for the planet?”

 In this issue, we look at 5 common areas of life within the context of “it is healthy?”.

Then, because we believe that personal health is the first step in achieving lasting effectiveness in the world, we go back to the basics.

We discuss exercise, diet, and a general supplement program.

Consider Playing A Game You Can’t Lose.

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