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Supplement Your Heart

Did You Know That —

  • There’s A Nutrient That Lowers Cholesterol Better Than Statin Drugs — At 1/5 The Cost?
  • There’s A Vitamin That Inhibits Hardening Of The Arteries?
  • There’s A Mineral That Prevents And Treats Heart Disease?
  • There’s A Trio Of Vitamins For Heart Health Approved By The FDA?
  • The Sunshine Vitamin Supports Your Heart?

Contrary to popular belief, all heart conditions are not alike.

In fact, for each type of heart problem, different factors are involved. Treatment plans need to be individualized. A complete cardiovascular assessment is important to provide the necessary information for deciding which natural products and treatments may be most useful for you.

This issue of Nutrition News is a guide to help you create a supplement program for your heart.

Look Inside And Find Out How To Protect Your Heart Naturally, Affordably, And Safely.