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Supplement Your Health

  • Why Are Nutrient Supplements Important?
  • What Are The Basic Supplements?
  • Why Are They Called Micronutrients?
  • How Much Vitamin D3 Should You Take?

Amazingly, the Council for Responsible Nutrition Annual Survey shows that nearly 70% of Americans take nutritional supplements.*

We remarked on the cover that monetary projections for supplement sales in 2017 top $40 billion.

Although our focus is on Americans, the growing use of nutritional supplements is a global phenomenon.

There are three important factors driving an increased interest in healthy living and the sales of natural products: 1) Increased consumer awareness for preventative healthcare; 2) The rise of self-directed consumers [We call you “savvy shoppers”.]; and 3) An aging population.

Overall findings from the Economic Research Service of the USDA show that Americans do not meet Federal dietary recommendations.

To meet these, the general populace would need to substantially lower their intake of added fats, refined grains, and added sugars and sweeteners, plus increase their consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat milk and milk products. 

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  * Nutrition News has published entire newsletters covering most of the supplements discussed throughout this newsletter. When a complete newsletter has been published, the supplement carries an asterisk.