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Biochemic Medicines and Cell Salts

In the mid-1800’s, Dr. WH Schuessler, a scientist, recognized that an imbalance of the body’s 12 essential inorganic compounds resulted in disease.

He developed a healing system using them called Biochemic Medicine. According to Schuessler, this system has 3 basic principles:

  1. The human body contains twelve essential mineral (tissue) salts, a correct balance of which must be maintained to ensure normal cell function and the maintenance of good health.
  2. Any disruption to this balance results in illness.
  3. A normal balance of these vital mineral salts can be re-established by giving the deficient mineral as a cell salt. The salts pass rapidly into the bloodstream and the cells.

Highly Absorbable Minerals

For rapid assimilation, each of the 12 minerals is prepared homeopathically, yielding the cell salts.1