Maybe it’s about time we called to task some of the companies cynically jumping on the green bandwagon in an effort to squeeze out more profit.  I’ve been watching Chevron place full page ads in the Wall Street Journal touting the message that energy companies should give a damn about the communities they work in.

The ads entitled “We Agree”, contain pictures of Africans  in Nigeria a country where Chevron was instrumental in the prosecution and hanging of  environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.  (The pictures here are a spoof of the campaign  orchestrated to appear socially responsible).

FTC’s newly proposed advisory guidelines for eco-friendly marketing could shake up the natural products marketing landscape. The “Green Guides,” issued in 1992 and last updated in 1998, are a set of proposals about how marketers should approach “green” marketing for products of all kinds.

The stated aim is to aid marketers in avoiding “unfair or deceptive” environmental claims as outlined by section five of the FTC Act. These latest revisions come in the form of a well-over 200-page document, which FTC has also condensed into a two-page summary. A period of public comment on the revisions was to last until December 10, after which time, FTC will finalize certain of the proposed changes.

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