The awesome, high-tech light bulb of the future is called LIFX

February 27, 2013


Photos: LIFX

Before you read this, make a list in your head of all the things the light bulbs in your home can do. Short list, huh?

Well, the creative minds behind a new brand of bulb have set out to change that. And they not only want to give you massive amounts of control over your light, but if you’ve ever dreamed of turning your living room into a night club, they’ve got the solution for that too.

This new energy-efficient LED wonder, called LIFX, is a Wi-Fi-enabled, multicolor bulb that you control with your smartphone.

“The light bulb hasn’t changed much in over 125 years, and the smart bulb revolution is just beginning. It’s an incredibly exciting time to give people a clean energy alternative and help make their homes smarter,” said founder and CEO Phil Bosua.


Here’s what LIFX will allow you to do:


  • Control the lights in your home using your smartphone;
  • Adjust brightness, color, individual bulbs, rooms or your entire house;
  • Install simply by swapping out your old bulb and screwing LIFX in;
  • Choose from more than 16 million colors;
  • Wake up naturally by automatically increasing the light in the morning and fall asleep at night by slowly dimming the lights;
  • Automatically have your lights turn on when you get home and switch off when you leave; and
  • Create mood lighting to match the beat of your music.


Watch the video below and be amazed.


The bulb is rated for a brightness exceeding 900 lumens, which is approximately equivalent to a traditional 75-watt incandescent bulb. In addition, LIFX uses about one-tenth of the power of regular bulbs, lasts for up to 25 years, and works on the iPhone and Android.

LIFX is a Kickstarter project, which offers inventors a funding platform for various ventures, including films, games, music art, design and technology. Since Kickstarter launched in April 2009, more than 3 million people have pledged more than $450 million, funding more than 35,000 projects.

LIFX alone raised $1.3 million in six days.

The bulb will retail for $79 online and through its retail partners, which will be announced soon. Preorder LIFX here.