Mindfulness Training Improves Attention In Children

The ability to pay attention in class is crucial for success at school. Mindfulness appears to have an effect after only a short training course, which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Through their training, the children actually learn to watch their minds working and learn to control their attention.

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Pesticides Linked To ADHD

A new nationwide study of U.S. children links pesticide exposure to increased risk of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Thank goodness we’ve finally cleared that up. When you can’t eat an apple and get healthy from eating it, no amount of health reform is going to fix that one.

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Teen Abuse of ADHD Drugs Soars

Kids taking ADHD drugs to get high or increase alertness may not realize that misuse of the drugs can cause serious, sometimes life-threatening symptoms, including agitation, rapid heartbeat, extremely high blood pressure.

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