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Winter Free Running – Ice Parkour

Parkour videos are already stylish and well produced affairs, but it seems now that there’s so many of them out there, (and some of us can’t get too many of them) you need to have more than just amazing stunts to separate yourself from the rest. This video does this by being set in the snow, which gives what feels like another parkour video a new lease of life.

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Will Titus Be The New Kobe?

This two year old basketball prodigy makes every shot look easy and automatic. If only the same joy and effortless self expression were on display in all our activities.

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Stunning Freestyle Unicycle Tricks

Yet another example of a funky sport being made look incredibly sexy. Unicycles used to be uncool and used in things like the circus by clowns but now you are can’t really be considered a hipster unless you have one. Juggling not required.

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