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Autism Link To Obesity In Mothers

The search for the smoking gun as the cause of autism is on-going. It’s unlikely there’s going to be a single factor since we humans are fairly complex organisms. The good news is that staying healthy isn’t complicated. Unfortunately, too many of us either don’t know or don’t have the support structures in place to achieve or maintain optimal health.

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Vaccine Risks

Why aren’t we being informed by both government and the medical profession of this critical information? Are the pharmaceutical companies with their huge profits keeping these risks quiet? By choosing to educate ourselves on these important issues and to spread the word, we can and will build a brighter future.

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Hyperbaric Treatment For Autistic Children

Children with autism who received hyperbaric treatment at 1.3 atm and 24% oxygen for 40 hourly sessions had significant improvements in overall functioning, receptive language, social interaction, eye contact, and sensory/cognitive awareness compared to children who received slightly pressurized room air.

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