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Vitamin C Effective In Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

Vitamin C has previously been shown to be effective as a non-toxic anti-cancer agent. However, its effects on cancer stem cells activity have not been previously evaluated and in this context, it behaves as an inhibitor of glycolysis, which fuels energy production in mitochondria, the “powerhouse” of the cell.

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Studies Suggest 82% of Breast Cancer Is Preventable

A staggering $6 billion is spent every year on breast cancer research with no medical cure in sight. Is it possible we are looking in the wrong place? Research has consistently shown that eating green, alkaline foods prevents breast cancer 82% of the time. Algae is highly regarded around the world. It was used to prevent mass starvation after both WW I and WWII and has 1,000 times more nutrition than fruits and vegetables.

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Are Telomeres The Key To Aging And Cancer?

Telomeres have been compared with the plastic tips on shoelaces because they prevent chromosome ends from fraying and sticking to each other, which would scramble an organism’s genetic information to cause cancer, other diseases or death.

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