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Fabulous Foodie Friday – Wrap Sheet

Wrap SheetYour guide to homemade dumplings Erin McDowell We’ve mastered cheesecake, nailed fresh pasta and perfected braided bread. So we’re feeling pretty good about this recipe for homemade dumplings. Our trick is to start...

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Dangers Of Non-Stick Cookware

Many foodies have resigned themselves to the likelihood that the idea of a non-stick pan might in and of itself be too good to be true. As such, cast iron, aluminum, copper and stainless steel each rate high for even heat distribution and for holding up well at high temperatures and frequent use. Used properly—such as by employing a little oil or butter to inhibit food from sticking—such pans can last decades.

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Health Benefits Of Broccoli Require The Whole Food, Not Supplements

Broccoli compounds are of particular interest in cancer research. Studies have indicated that sulforaphane, in particular, may help to detoxify carcinogens, and also activate tumor suppressor genes so they can perform their proper function. The catch is that in most cases, in order for that benefit you actually have to eat broccoli. Food, eating, nature, what a concept!.

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How To Peel Garlic In Less Than 10 Seconds

Every now and again someone shares a tip that changes the way cooks play with their food. This video offers an irresistible method for peeling garlic that any cook will undoubtedly try once they’ve seen this. And if you’re not a cook, it has the traits to become the new sure-fire way to dazzle the opposite sex. Bon Appetit!

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