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10 Nutrigenomics Breakthroughs

‘You are what you eat’ is a phrase that might strike fear into your heart depending on what is in your mouth at the time! While the origins of this phrase are probably as old as mankind, fundamental research now supports the importance of eating the right things, at the right time, both in humans and animals.

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Big Fat Lies Fifteen Years Later

Fifteen years later and coconut oil, butter and saturated fats are back. They’re better understood and better appreciated. Find out what all the fat frenzy has led to and how fat can help you lose or maintain your desired weight.

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The Metabolic Power Of Pleasure

Awareness of all things eating is the first step. Knowing the signs, what to pay attention to, anticipating pleasure, acknowledging pleasure with a little gratitude thrown in will lead to appropriate actions about eating our food.

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Label Decoder: Protein Additives

Pea protein—yellow peas that have been processed to remove carbohydrates and leave the protein—is being added to baked goods, snack bars, drinks and cereals that aim to be protein rich while also appealing to people looking for vegan, gluten-free or soy-free products.

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Make A Watermelon Keg To Kick Off Your Summer

What if you attached a faucet to a watermelon and filled it with spiked (or not) watermelon juice so party guests could serve themselves right from the melon? Personally, I think it takes less time to refill their glasses, but this is way too much fun not to try at least once.

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