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Pesticides Make A Comeback

What was thought as a solution to feed the world is now a genie loose from its bottle and it looks like we’re going to need way more than three wishes to fix all the problems this bad genie has caused.

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The GMO Wheat Mystery Deepens

Bernadette Juarez, an official with the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service who is in charge of the investigation, says the agency is now analyzing the genetic makeup of the GMO wheat, to figure out exactly which genetic variety of wheat it is. This will be a clue to its source; it should pinpoint, for instance, which of Monsanto’s many different field trials involved that variety.

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Russia: Tough Regulations For GMOs Planned

Russia will soon adopt a tough legislation to limit the cultivation, import and use of GMO in feed production for livestock, according to the Russian Minister of Agriculture, Nikolai Fyodorov. He stated that GM products are still making their way to the Russian market, and this issue is prepared to be settled on the legislative level.

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