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A Pomegranate Drug To Stem Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

The onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed and some of its symptoms curbed by a natural compound that is found in pomegranate. Punicalagin, which is a polyphenol – a form of chemical compound – found in pomegranate fruit, can inhibit inflammation in specialised brain cells known as micrologia.

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Secrets Behind Resveratrol’s Health Benefits

Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have now identified one of the molecular pathways that resveratrol uses to achieve its beneficial action. They found that resveratrol controls the body’s inflammatory response as a binding partner with the estrogen receptor.

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The Gluten Epidemic

To set the gluten inflammatory syndrome (GIS) stage, one must understand that most of our major diseases share the contributing factors of unhealthy inflammation, nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxicity.

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The Anti-Soda Ad That Looks Just Like The Real Thing

Here’s one way to capture our attention about the connection between sugar and diabetes and obesity. And don’t forget those brittle and weak bones, leaching precious calcium to rebalance the body’s ph after drinking those acid forming sodas and soft drinks. It’s the real thing.

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