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Scientists Discover How Prostate Gland Develops

Retinoic acid – a chemical made from vitamin supplied in our diet by carrots, green vegetables and liver – and male sex hormones, is responsible for the activation and regulation of the proteins inside stem cells. It signals them how to evolve into prostate tissue cells.

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The Decline In Male Fertility

By adopting a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle in pregnancy, you can give your developing baby the very best start in life .If it’s a boy, then this will also make sure that his sperm count, and thus his fertility, is not compromised in any way.

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CoQ10 May Help Male Fertility

Sperm cells are often subjected to oxidative stress, a physiological condition that arises when there is an imbalance in the number of free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules) and the amount of antioxidants present. Researchers now believe that up to 80 percent of all cases of male infertility can be attributed to oxidative stress, due to the reduced sperm count, poor sperm motility and even DNA damage.

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