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New Study Highlights Pesticide Application as Potential Source of Noroviruses in Fresh Food Supply Chains

A new study, published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology investigated whether contaminated water used to dilute pesticides could be a source of hNoV. Farmers use various water sources in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, including well water and different types of surface water such as river water or lake water – sources which have been found to harbour hNoV.

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Pesticides Linked To ADHD

A new nationwide study of U.S. children links pesticide exposure to increased risk of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Thank goodness we’ve finally cleared that up. When you can’t eat an apple and get healthy from eating it, no amount of health reform is going to fix that one.

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Pesticide Exposure Increased Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Reporting in the current issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, senior author Beate Ritz, professor of epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health, and first author Sadie Costello, a former doctoral student at UCLA, now at the University of California, Berkeley, found that Valley residents who lived within 500 meters of fields sprayed between the years of 1974-1999 had a 75 percent increased risk to Parkinson’s.

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