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29 Films Every Food Activist Must Watch

Eating, food, nutrition and health is the sequence designed to fulfill our birthright. If our attention and awareness wavers from any stage of this dynamic, the consequences can be devastating. The promise of health rapidly becomes empty and meaningless. Getting acquainted with the many factors impacting our food is a guaranteed strategy for playing and winning your “Is It Healthy?” Game..

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Just Because It’s Supposed To Be ‘Healthy’ Doesn’t Always Make It So

Consumer Reports has a special full-color, 84-page publication that lays out simple solutions for trimming salt, sugars and fat from your diet. It includes easy-to-follow recipes that are healthy, quick, and won’t break your budget. Plus, who needs to go gluten free (and who doesn’t); 13 money-saving ingredient swaps; and the nine germiest places in your kitchen and what you can do to avoid foodborne illnesses. Don’t be fooled by bogus ‘healthy’ claims. Know what healthy is and how healthy feels. it’s all part of playing the ‘Is it Healthy?” Game

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Imagine Every Bite And Eat Less

Researchers asked volunteers to devote about a minute and a half to methodically imagining chewing and swallowing 30 M&Ms, one after another. Then, when presented with a bowl of M&Ms, those volunteers ate about half as many candies as volunteers who imagined eating only three M&Ms, or none at all. I think they’ve finally figured out how we can have our cake and eat it too!

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