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Probiotics May Reduce Throat Infection Rates In Children

Prophylactic administration of S. salivarius K12 to children with a history of recurrent oral streptococcal disease resulted in a considerable reduction of episodes of both streptococcal and viral infections and reduced the number of days under antibiotic and/or antipyretic therapy and days of absence from school or work.

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Babies’ Bellies Aided by Good Bacteria

Babies who received the probiotic exhibited significantly reduced crying time—an average of 38 minutes versus 71 minutes of inconsolable crying per day—fewer spit-ups and more bowel movements, which signaled less constipation.

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Natural Treatments for Acid Reflux (GERD)

The lack of acid in the stomach, where it is meant to be, means that the stomach may fail to signal the pyloric valve at the top of the stomach to close when you are digesting food—which in turn allows acid reflux to get up in your throat and produce heartburn.

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