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Big Fat Lies Fifteen Years Later

Fifteen years later and coconut oil, butter and saturated fats are back. They’re better understood and better appreciated. Find out what all the fat frenzy has led to and how fat can help you lose or maintain your desired weight.

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The Food Safety Fight Coming To Your Natural Products

If you’ve ever wondered about food safety in the natural products category this interrview explains some of the ways your natural products manufactures are coming to terms with food safety. As always, it’s more complicated than you would expect, but it’s worth taking a look at the landscape of how natural products remain natural and safe

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Stop The Trans Pacific Partnership Now

You’re reading this post via the internet. Thanks to Wiki Leaks we know that the TPP would:

Criminalize some of your everyday use of the Internet,
Force service providers to collect and hand over your private data without privacy safeguards, and
Give media conglomerates more power to fine you for Internet use, remove online content—including entire websites—and even terminate your access to the Internet.
Create a parallel legal system of international tribunals that will undermine national sovereignty and allow conglomerates to sue countries for laws that infringe on their profits.

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