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No Free Speech Without a License!

As state-sanctioned licensing boards continue to proliferate, the trend of limiting free speech is increasing—almost without exception as a tool for the board to protect the professional turf of licensed practitioners. In the 1950s, only one in twenty US workers needed government permission—for that is what licensure is—to pursue their chosen occupation. Today, it is closer to one in three. Yet there is little evidence that licensing protects public health and safety or improves products and services. It does, however, increase consumer costs and reduce opportunities for workers.

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Avoiding The Doctor’s Office

Americans are often uncomfortable having an in-person conversation with a medical professional about more intimate health questions including poor diet, lack of exercise, sex related issues, alcohol use and smoking. For those who can’t face a health professional, you can get over it or get online.

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Tips To Keep Healthy New Years Resolutions Alive

Each January there’s lots of good advice offered to help make and stick to New Years Resolutions, and let’s face it, in a few weeks many of us will be on to other adventures as we get consumed in another year’s circumstances. If you’re serious about success, then do this one thing: each day, declare three “wins”. That’s all there’s to it.

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Decline Found In Freshmen’s Mental Health

Some 52% of first-year college students rated their emotional health as above average or in the highest 10% in the survey taken last fall. That’s down from 55.3% in the year-earlier survey, and well below the nearly 64% of respondents who gave themselves high ratings in 1985, the first year students were asked about their emotional health.

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