Food Safety Starts With You

The first step toward optimal, natural and vibrant health is awareness. We often forget that strength, radiance and power are nature’s birthright. This is something we all want for ourselves, our families . . .for anyone.
Those gifts come from food. Access to food is critical to insure we have access to and enjoy those gifts for long, prosperous and expressive lives.
Until we have mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs), we can’t be sure what we buy and consume is good for us. Our health is in peril.
Our industiralized, chemical dependent agricultural system is destroying our soil’s fertility and ability to pass nutrients into our food. This has led to an explosion of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. We are out of balance at a basic level. Food.


The Good News

In this case what you don’t know about your food can really hurt you. So when you see signature gatherers at your local supermarket, take a moment to become aware of the food choices you’re about to make. Bon appetit’.