Micro-Bakeries Offer Bread That’s Truly Fresh

In home kitchens and backyard ovens around the country, small-scale bakers are fermenting a revolution—and the artisanal offerings go far beyond baguettes

In yet another example of the Restoration Economy at work, small scale bakers are carving out loyal followers and turning them into  new customers for a mutually sustaining exchange.  After all, bread is life, no? Read more by Katy McLaughlin in the Wall Street Journal.


Pagnol Boulanger (Los Angeles) | In 2011, the health department busted nonprofit consultant Mark Stambler for selling homemade bread. He lobbied for passage of California’s first Cottage Food law, which allows bakers to work at home. Today, he mills organic flour and hand-kneads about 25 naturally leavened loaves weekly.  

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