The Nutrition News 3 Step Distribution Guide


We have no control over your distribution and implementation of Nutrition News. However, we want you to be successful and delighted. So we’re sharing these 3 Simple Steps to Predictable Results. They have been tested, proven and still guaranteed to deliver amazing results for over 43 years.


1– Introduce Nutrition News

2 – Optimize Your Results

3 – Track Your Results

Step 1 – Introduce Nutrition News to you staff. Read it!  Ask them to read it!

If your employees don’t read it, why should your customers?

Other than your customers, aren’t your employees your greatest asset?

Your customers are going to be asking questions based on the newsletter. It’s very important your employees know what your customers are talking about.

Alert them to the importance of capturing opportunities to deepen customer relationships.

Plus Nutrition News bolsters your employee training efforts.

 Name your advocate. Retailers report that when they make someone accountable to ensure Nutrition News gets into their customers’ hands, it also brings opportunities into focus around how and where the newsletters are distributed in the store.

It also helps determine who else should be involved in the invitation to read Nutrition News.

Step 2 – Optimizing your results depends on getting as many copies into the hands of your community as possible.

Reading Nutrition News is the first step leading to predictable sales.

Invite your customers to read Nutrition News. It’s brand new in your store.

Don’t keep it a secret. Tell them why you’re giving them the latest health and nutrition research.

Let them know you want them to have life-long tools to be well.

Ask them to give Nutrition News a read and tell you what they think.

Encourage liberal sharing of copies.


Step 3 – Tracking results is straightforward.

Each issue has a product matrix sheet.

Review the Nutrition News Topic Product Matrix Sheet. `

This one sheet lists the items being discussed and gives a relative idea of how much content is devoted to a particular item.

This makes it easy to track sales categories and SKUs.

DO NOT insert Nutrition News into any other consumer give-aways

Nutrition News is Advertising-Free. DO NOT insert Nutrition News into any other consumer giveaways. It may be easier for the front end; HOWEVER, easier for them means lower engagement and lost profit opportunities for the store.

It also voids our unconditional guarantee that you’ll make at least $3 for each $1 you spend on Nutrition News.

In addition, your customers won’t know 1) You’ve done something special for them — a Free $49/yr subscription or, 2) You’ve made a truly generous commitment to their wellness.

Keep an eye on how quickly Nutrition News is distributed. Note customer questions and engagement opportunities.

Watch your sales grow. This is what it looks like when it’s working. 

Thanks for trusting Nutrition News to help educate your community

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