If your store’s default greeting or first contact is, “Can I help you find anything?” — you’re handicapping growth opportunities.

So how do you make the absolute most out of everything you’ve got with the least cost and effort possible?

You can start by asking these . . .

8 Questions To Get Your Customers Telling You What They Love About Shopping In Your Store

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Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying  &

What Their Customers Are Saying About Nutrition News

“In all my years in this industry, I have found nothing comparable to leverage customer education for increased sales. I encourage you to conduct your own test. Nutrition News works.” Blair Holland, Whole Foods Market 

“Excellent newsletter, well-written, highest integrity. Nothing else like it.”  Bob Mayerson, Malaga NJ

“I appreciate Nutrition News’s unbiased point of view. It is refreshing to find so much information in one concise format without any advertising to distract me from the facts.” Tami Mize Stallings NC

“I don’t take any other health newsletters anymore. Nutrition News is the only one I read.
It’s short, concise, presented well and full of good information. It’s just perfect!” Steve Cronan, Denver, CO

“I have never seen anything that can compare to Nutrition News and still to this day it continues to work. It is so well written I know of nothing better at delivering measurable sales goals. As the founder of Enzymatic Therapy and now the founder of EuroPharma, I have always relied on Siri to write my technical bulletins and newsletters because I believe she knows how to reach the customer’s mind and give them current scientific information that will make your customers hungry for her timely information.”  Terry Lemmerond.

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