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Nutrition News features healthy lifestyle, food and/or nutritional supplements.

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What Their Customers Are Saying About Nutrition News

“In all my years in this industry, I have found nothing comparable to leverage customer education for increased sales. I encourage you to conduct your own test. Nutrition News works.” Blair Holland, Whole Foods Market 

“Excellent newsletter, well-written, highest integrity. Nothing else like it.”  Bob Mayerson, Malaga NJ

“I appreciate Nutrition News’s unbiased point of view. It is refreshing to find so much information in one concise format without any advertising to distract me from the facts.” Tami Mize Stallings NC

“I don’t take any other health newsletters anymore. Nutrition News is the only one I read.
It’s short, concise, presented well and full of good information. It’s just perfect!” Steve Cronan, Denver, CO

“I have never seen anything that can compare to Nutrition News and still to this day it continues to work. It is so well written I know of nothing better at delivering measurable sales goals. As the founder of Enzymatic Therapy and now the founder of EuroPharma, I have always relied on Siri to write my technical bulletins and newsletters because I believe she knows how to reach the customer’s mind and give them current scientific information that will make your customers hungry for her timely information.”  Terry Lemmerond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Nutrition News?
Nutrition News is the award-winning, monthly, ad free consumer newsletter that’s been delivering results for our retailer distribution partners for over 40 years.
Why Are There No Ads In Nutrition News?
Our mission is to educate and engage readers about the benefits of food, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Those benefits are what’s important to your customers. Our no ad policy is designed to give them the confidence and clarity they need to make healthy choices while supporting every brand in your store.
Why Do Retailers Carry Nutrition News?
Selling supplements is complicated. Retailers invest heavily to carry thousands of products in a variety of forms, combinations and sizes. Inventory turns are critical but consumers don’t necessarily know what to buy. When they read Nutrition News, they do. it’s the most engaging content marketing tool available in the industry. Our case studies prove that.
How Much Does Nutrition News Cost?
Normally our prices are based on the quantity of newsletters you buy and any additional services you may select. If you choose our never-before-offered “pay only shipping and handling” special, your price only depends on the weight of your order and a $10 handling charge. The newsletter is FREE!  We want you to experience the Nutrition News Effect in your store.
How Can I Get Started?
Click any of the buttons that say Tell Me More, Let’s Get Started or Get In Touch. We will follow up, answer all your questions and set up your store order, using your credit card to bill the shipping and handling charge.

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