Here’s What Natural Product Industry Professionals

Are Saying About Nutrition News

Customers say they like the articles. Nutrition News has information you don’t get anywhere else.

Carl Neal

Apple Tree Health Foods, Bakersfield, CA

We love using Nutrition News because it gives a ton of information without promoting any brands. Each time my staff or I read it, we learn something new.

Jane Hong

Lakeshore Natural Foods, Oakland, CA

I have always enjoyed reading your articles and find them of tremendous value to share with our customers.

Jay Chopra

Director of Merchandising, Hi-Health, Scottsdale, AZ

I always loved what you two have done for the industry and enjoyed you as people as well. We’ll certainly keep you in mind for future needs.

Bob Capelli

Algae Life

I love the new color and format. As always with the best info inside.

Michael Hitner

Family Natural Health Foods

It’s a really, really good article, I can’t believe we go through them as fast as we do! It seems like we go through them like crazy. Everyone likes them.

Sonia Seiler

PharmAloe, Woodford, WI

Your rack is at the front door. It’s the most popular merchandise in my store.
We have a girl who gets scolded if there are empty slots in the rack.
I’d be in real trouble without Nutrition News That’s gospel..

Richard Pryor

Owner, Sherry's Gourmet, Babylon, NY

Your display rack is like a money shovel in my store.
I dig up profits every time I reload it.

Marc Hampel,


Kemper Isley

Vitamin Cottage

Our chromium sales increased 1800% within two weeks of asking our customers to read Nutrition News and tell us what they thought about it.

Blair Holland

NBC Team Leader (Retired), Whole Foods Market

We started using Nutrition News shortly after we opened our Fresno store. [At the time], our comparative sales numbers were the lowest in our region.

After we began a focused campaign of introducing Nutrition News to our customers, I noticed them bringing their copies back into the store and buying the supplements featured in the newsletter.

Within our first twelve months in operation, our sales numbers had climbed to the second highest in the region.

We’re convinced that our store team effort to make Nutrition News available to our customers was instrumental in achieving that remarkable result.

Rosa Diaz

NBC Team Leader , Whole Foods Market, Fresno

I have a standing order for 23,000 copies of Nutrition News, and they’re gone in days.

Sharon MacGurn

Mother's Market & Kitchen

Because we use the Sales Multiplier Program and track topic inventory, we know that our supplement sales have increased nearly 10%. I can’t count the times people I’ve never seen in the store before have picked up a Nutrition News, taken it home, and then come back to the store with it, and purchased the supplements from that issue.

Jeff Dalley

Sun Harvest Farms, Austin, TX

Nutrition News is the best. Our customers read it and discuss the topics intelligently. This takes the hassle out of selling and lets our customers know we’re interested in their concerns. Further, the printed word is absolute necessity. Computers don’t compare. Customers believe staff, but the printed word adds credibility. Nutrition News is so effective for us, that I believe I am doing a disservice to my customers by not keeping my racks filled with Nutrition News topics.

Penny Fox

Sherry's Gourmet, Babylon, NY

Nutrition News was exactly what I was looking for. It soon became my #1 bag-stuffer. I have never seen anything that can compare with Nutrition News and still to this day it continues to work. It is so well written. I know of nothing better at delivering measurable sales goals.

As the founder of Enzymatic Therapy and now the founder of EuroPharma, I have always relied on Siri to write my technical bulletins and newsletters because I believe she knows how to reach the customers’ minds and give them current scientific information that will make your customers hungry for her timely information.

Remember, as your customers become more knowledgeable in health and nutrition they reach a level of unparalleled health and [they become] a thankful, loyal customer.

Terry Lemerond

Founder, Enzymatic Therapy, Europharma