The Nutrition News Advantage 


When it comes to nutrition, what should be a simple and straight forward matter isn’t. Our knowledge and understanding of nutrition’s impact and importance grows.


Yet according to estimates, 30,000 new consumer products launch each year and 95% of them fail.  We have over 300 types of yogurt!

We see anywhere from four to ten thousand ads per day. That’s why we have a new record of 44 zetabytes of data in the universe. (Forty-four zetabytes – ZB’s – equals 44 trillion gigabytes. That’s up from 4.4 ZB in 2013.)

We have commoditization, confusion and complexity built into the nutrition category. It shows up as overwhelming choices, certifications, good manufacturing practices, supply chain transparency, truth in labeling, and all the other planetary concerns threatening global food access.

Don’t underestimate the power of attention. Nutrition News cuts through the clutter and confusion. We have three ways we bring some clarity to the reader. They make understanding nutrition easy, fun and actionable.

If You Don’t Know What You Need To Know

If You Don’t Know The Benefits

Nutrition News Is Non-Virtual

Imagine going to the DMV for your license without first reviewing the driver’s manual. You wouldn’t take the test. Learning what’s important to drive is common sense and good public policy.

When it comes to nutrition, Nutrition News is like the manual.

Think of the J. Peterman catalog. Every item has a story about what makes it special and how buying it might turn out for the shopper.

Nutrition News tells that story about nutritional products.


Nutrition News is immediate and tactile. It exists on your terms, for your interests and in your own time and space.With zero advertising, it’s easy to capture a reader’s attention.

The Nutrition News Advantage is both intrinsic and extrinsic. It’s easy to share. Shoppers who know more, buy more. And, they buy more often.