There is no doubt that eating raw vegan/vegetarian will improve your mental and physical well being. There’s a long tradition of  shall we say, proof in the pudding.   Let’s review:

‘Let food by Thy Medicine’

Hippocrates Healing Every Mother's SonHippocrates taught this message in 431BC. For thousands of years cultures have been aware that the food we eat can have a profound effect on our mind.

The Greek Historian Herodotus found that cultures with a mainly vegetarian diet were more advanced in art and spiritual development than those who ate a mainly meat based diet.The latter tended to be more war like. It could be said that the diet a whole nation follows will have a profound effect on that country’s mental well being. I guess a good look at ourselves and we can easily see where that’s true.

Yogis have known this for thousands of years have divided food into three categories. According to Ayurveda,  sattvic, rajasic and tamasic represent one way at looking at food combining.  A sattvic state of mind is common in deep  meditative  traditions.

A rajasic state of mind tends to be active restless and aggressive. This would be typical of a warrior or the high flying corporate executive.




A tamasic state of mind is common amongst people who commit crimes. People who resort to criminal activity fall into this category.

Just think “Twinkie Defense”.






sativic soup



For a western person the sattivc diet would be one that is vegetarian and would consist of 80% raw food and 20% cooked. Examples of such food would be greens, grasses, honey and some rice.








garlicRajasic foods stimulate the nervous system and include meat, coffee garlic and peppers butter eggs cheese and sugar. It will leave people with a sense of restlessness and eventual burnout. Such people tend to be adrenalin junkies seeking pleasure in sky diving or white water rafting or other risky sports. That’s Vin Diesel in XXX.




supermarket meat caseTamasic foods tend to be the worst of the lot, what we would call fast foods, heavily processed and full of preservatives additives and colors.

Foods eaten in this category would include flesh that has not been recently killed, basically  everything you see in the  meat case e in the supermarket.

We often hear how are ancestors ate meat and this is used as a justification for a meat based diet. However the meat they ate had only recently been killed so had some life force left in it.

Also our ancestors ate all the animal not just the muscle which is high in protein,hence a more balanced diet. Living on such a diet will make meditation and other calming activities almost impossible. Research has shown that people who have a history of violence display a marked drop in such activity when switching to a diet based on fruit and vegetables.

The bottom line is a switch to raw food eating will boost your well being both mental and physical.  What that feels like is for you to check out and notice.

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