Time to Weigh InObesity isn’t a topic most Americans want to face up to, especially on Thanksgiving. For many Americans, the traditional food binge brings up things  like elastic waistbands and antacids to be grateful for.

Workers compensation insurers can  no longer avoid the rise in obesity. Workers compensation insurers have enormous (literally and figuratively) opportunities to carve out effective loss prevention and wellness strategies. Getting out of the market isn’t the answer.  So what is?

Playing the “Is It Healthy?” Game is the answer. When business, government and citizens commit to mastering the game, we’ll see how quickly new opportunities for health and wellness emerge.

In the meantime, here are some tips to weight loss that have actually been proven to work. I’m not talking about the no-brainers like watch your diet and exercise. These tips are  about training yourself to recognize your own internal cues for hunger. It’s the first step to having your willpower work. Once we recognize what’s going on with us, there’s no reason to battle with will power. Getting present to choice in the moment is a key to successful weight management. What a concept.


To Instill Willpower, Sniff, Nibble and Have A Nice Long Look

Research has shown that training kids to resist food cravings is the only useful strategy for losing weight. The key is training the brain to resist temptations by paying attention to internal states rather than external triggers from the environment.  Check out the video.



Two novel treatments to reduce overeating in overweight children: A randomized controlled trial.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving and all the great food that goes with it. Just pay attention to whether you’re actually hungry. If not, step away from the table.