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I read your Scale Down issue and it inspired me to lose 120# in 14 months.  

I want to share copies with my church group and friends.  

Some of them see me as an inspiration for what’s possible for them.

I want them to have access to the same inspiration for my success that Nutrition News
gave me.

Marsha Stuckly, Austin, TX

Bye Bye Sugar is the most comprehensive and clear article I’ve ever read. After reading it, my entire health has turned around. 

Christine Herick, Carmel Valley, CA

The two best qualities about Nutrition News are one, the way it’s put together.

There is so much rich information in each issue and as you read it, your nutritional
context deepens and builds.

The second is that it’s only four pages.

It’s incredible how much is available in such a short read.


Robert Oppenheimer El Cerrito, CA

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