So what happened once the curtain was pulled back and the flu boogie man was revealed? According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, for the week ending February 20, the latest data available, not one state reported widespread flu illness. Furthermore, the percentage of all doctors’ visits by patients with flu symptoms has dropped from a high of 7.8% in late October, the largest peak since the agency began surveillance in 1997 – to 1.8% in late February, well below the norm for flu season.

So what’s up? A few month’s ago we were hearing about ‘pandemics’ and vaccine shortages and impending deaths like never before. The Wall Street Journal reports that “It is not clear why there is so little flu, particularly swine flu, going around”.

Maybe we should be looking into the fear mongering, and scamming that goes into drug company profits and our seemingly hopeless attempts to reform health care in the U.S.