children_staying_healthy_cover_thumbNutrition Business Journal (NBJ) estimates show significant sales in 2008. Maybe we’re finally starting to figure out that being healthy isn’t rocket science after all.

BOULDER, COLO., (April 27, 2009) – Healthy, better-for-you and natural & organic products formulated for or marketed to children generated approximately $10.1 billion—or 10% of total U.S. nutrition industry consumer sales—in 2008, according to new research from Nutrition Business Journal. NBJ explores the U.S. healthy kids’ market in its April 2009 issue, which includes an in-depth breakdown of 2008 healthy kids’ product sales for dietary supplements, natural foods and beverages, organic foods and beverages, functional foods and beverages, and natural & organic personal care and household products.

NBJ’s 2009 Healthy Kids’ Market Overview issue also includes:

·    An exploration of today’s top healthy kids’ product trends and future opportunities

·    An analysis of the U.S. children’s supplement market from a product development and marketing standpoint

·    An analysis of the U.S. natural & organic personal care market for babies, children and teens

·    Discussion of how healthy kids’ products are faring in the current economy

·    Advice on how to cost effectively target and communicate to the one demographic group that is most influential when it comes to marketing kids’ products: moms

·    An exploration of children’s sugar consumption and product development opportunities being created by stevia and other natural zero-calorie sweeteners

·    Discussion of how California and other state governments are reforming their school vending machine policies in response to the childhood obesity epidemic and the opportunities this is creating for healthy vending companies and manufacturers of better-for-you snack and beverage products

Although numerous new healthy and better-for-you products formulated for or marketed to children have debuted over the last year in the United States, NBJ research found that plenty of opportunity remains in this dynamic and recession-resilient category. “A convergence of forces—the Obama administration’s focus on children’s nutrition, the childhood obesity epidemic, parents’ growing concern over food quality and safety, and even the troubled economy—is creating a ‘sweet spot’ in the kids’ market for the U.S. nutrition industry,” said NBJ Editor Carlotta Mast. “NBJ’s research into and analysis of the U.S. healthy kids’ market will provide any company operating in, working to move into or simply evaluating this category with timely and actionable information and insights.”

As part of the research for its 2009 Healthy Kids’ Market Overview issue, NBJ interviewed and surveyed more than 100 nutrition industry companies, including:
·    Coromega
·    Yo-Naturals
·    Lifeway
·    Nest Collective
·    Plum Organics
·    CLIF Bar
·    Martek
·    Zsweet
·    Honest Tea
·    Rainbow Light
·    Nordic Naturals
·    Snikiddy
·    Wisdom Natural Brands
·    Annie’s
·    New Chapter
·    Froose
·    The Kellogg Co.
·    Burt’s Bees
·    gDiapers
·    And many more

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