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Nutrition News: Is It Healthy?

One of our most highly held values is health. Our mission is to transform health for everybody. To achieve that, we invented something we call playing the Is It Healthy?“ Game.

The point of playing the game is to expand your concept of health. Health doesn’t get more personal – and that’s the point. Your health and everyone’s health is a part of a global game. So the question becomes, “How much health can you handle?” and,“how quickly can you shift your behaviors about it?

You’ll know you’ve mastered the game once you find yourself asking, “Is It Healthy?” in all the areas of your life that are important to you.

The Nutrition News Promise:

The Nutrition News promise: to make healthy behaviors easy and fun, We’ll leave you delighted, surprised, inspired, aware, in awe and in action around the possibilities for vibrant health in your life, in your neighborhood and all over our planet – right now.

We promise to poke, provoke and elevate your personal health conversation. We promise to expand your capacity for experiencing your optimal health right now. We promise to move you toward actions and behaviors that will leave you powerful and joyful around the experience of how great it is to be alive. And, to be you.

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Our Values

We have an  irresistible curiosity about health That fuels a passion for food and nutrition. We review, edit, publish and curate compelling content about nutritional research and trends in optimal health. In thirty eight years of publishing the award winning Nutrition News, we have the confidence and the evidence that whole foods and nutritional supplements play a fundamental role in optimal health for everyone.

Our subscribers and readers are self aware and focused on their desire for a full, vital and abundant life. They realize the importance of health for a rich and rewarding life. They pay attention to what works. They make connections between actions and results.

We are committed to communication. We showcase, share and support health outreach initiatives of all kinds. This attracts passionate Nutrition News subscribers committed to living healthy lives. They seek information and guidance. They gain trusted resources and cohorts eager to support them in achieving their ultimate health goals. What’s wanted and what’s working for our subscribers drives our focus and this always gives rise to acknowledging milestones and celebrating healthy outcomes.

This generates massive numbers of referrals. Our consistent and persistent subscribers  generously share Nutrition News with others so they quickly gain more clarity and greater confidence about their own healthy behaviors.

The inquiry into optimal health is naturally engaging. We make healthy behaviors easy and fun. Shared passions spark some of life’s most exciting moments. That’s why legions of health advocates and affiliates join us in playing the “Is It Healthy?” Game. . .  “Is It Healthy for me?” . . . . . “Is It Healthy for us?”

Tuned in, turned on and tapped in to mastering the game quickly, these “health gamers” acknowledge their results, share milestones and celebrate their achievements in optimal health. They are ultimately responsible for creating a world being well.

Our gratitude for our international subscribers and distributors whose collaboration and global support for our foreign language editions, makes playing the “Is It Healthy?” Game, a global affair. People energized by creating, restoring and nurturing optimal health transform communities and create a world being well.

Who We Are

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