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We Cracked The Code

In 47 years of Nutrition News content marketing, we’ve discovered a sequence of consumer behaviors that lead to a retail sale. One behavior is key to guaranteed results for your natural products business.

Your Silent Sales Person

Customers have more questions than you can answer.

Nutrition News captures their attention.




Why not let Nutrition News answer their questions for you?

No Advertising

Because there are NO ADS, your customers trust Nutrition News.

Nutrition News is about your customers’ interests.

Sales Support For Everything On Your Shelves

Nutrition News topics feature healthy lifestyles, food and nutritional supplements.

Nutrition News supports every product with a nutritional label on your shelves.

Give your customers Nutrition News and they’ll give you their business.

See The Impact That Nutrition News Content Marketing Can Have On Your Business.

To get an idea of the “Nutrition News Effect”  for your business, we need to know three things about your business.

(Our Calculator Is Coming Soon)

Find Your Target Nutrition News Distribution Level

In our methodology, we need to find a starting point. The starting point is based on a combination of factors which include your actual data, plus a breakdown of how our methodology gets to your Target Nutrition News Distribution Level.


Total Number Monthly Customers


Target Nutrition News Distribution Level

Find Out The Net Incremental Value Of Your Target Nutrition News Distribution

See What Your Data and Our Proven Methodology Can Do Together

Data & Methods

You shared data about your customer traffic, average sale and number of locations.

Our methodology is designed to determine an ideal starting point for the conditions in your business right now.

This starting point is mindful of your budget and makes two assumptions:

1) Each copy of Nutrition News has the potential to generate a sale; 2) Not every customer will read or engage with Nutrition News.

This is why we cut your stated traffic in half. Then we targeted 25% of that for your starting distribution level.

This baseline provides an easy way to know when to increase your order size, or to focus on getting more of your customers to read Nutrition News.

In our tested and proven methodology, READ is the first consumer behavior in a sequence that leads predictably to a sale.

The more customers who read Nutrition News, the more sales and revenue you make.

Take a look at the following three engagement scenarios. They represent different percentages of your target customer audience who read Nutrition News. (Our calculator is under development. Please check back soon. It will be worth your while).

If 25% of your customers read Nutrition News and generate a sale, your gross profit is:__

If 10% of your customers read Nutrition News and generate a sale, your gross profit is:__

If 5% of your customers read Nutrition News and generate a sale, your gross profit is:__.

Net Incremental Value

One of the ways the “Nutrition News Effect”  can be recognized in your business, is as additional dollars. These dollars are available to all natural products businesses.

The first step to capturing some of the $604 million dollars spent each weekend on natural products, is answering customer questions.

The second is having the mechanism to distinguish those questions and a strategy to address interests over the entire customer lifecycle.

That’s precisely what Nutrition News content marketing excels at.

Take a look at the dollars you’re leaving behind each month by not using Nutrition News content marketing.

If 25% of your customers read Nutrition News and generate a sale, your net incremental value per copy is::__

If 10% of your customers read Nutrition News and generate a sale, your net incremental value per copy is::__

If 5% of your customers read Nutrition News and generate a sale, your net incremental value per copy is::__


Break Even Point & R.O.I.

To get a picture of the leverage and potential for net incremental revenue that Nutrition News content marketing can make available to your business, it takes only  ___ copies of Nutrition News generating your average sale to break even.

That’s only ____% of your entire distribution level.

It quickly becomes obvious that the more customers who read Nutrition News, the more sales follow.

Customers want to know. Customers who know more buy more. And they buy more often.


Rosa Diaz, NBC Manager Whole Foods Market, Fresno, CA

“We started using Nutrition News shortly after we opened our Fresno store. [At the time], our comparative sales numbers were the lowest in our region.

After we began a focused campaign of introducing Nutrition News to our customers, I noticed them bringing their copies back into the store and buying the supplements featured in the newsletter.

Within our first twelve months in operation, our sales numbers had climbed to the second highest in the region.

We’re convinced that our store team effort to make Nutrition News available to our customers was instrumental in achieving that remarkable result.”


Our Tested and Proven Methodolgy

Our methodology is designed to determine an optimal starting level that makes sense for your actual audience size, their interest and your budget.

Here’s What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Us:

“We sold 1000 units of melatonin in one store within five days of distributing the Nutrition News melatonin issue.”
Kemper Isley

Director, Co-President, Natural Grocers At Vitamin Cottage

“I have never seen anything that can compare with Nutrition News . . . . it continues to work. It is so well written. I know of nothing better at delivering measurable sales goals.”
Terry Lemerond

Founder, Enzymatic Therapy, Europharma

Why No Ads In Nutrition News?

It turns out that the more consumers know about nutritional benefits, the more they seek out products that deliver those benefits.

Our no ad policy is designed to give them the confidence and clarity they need to make healthy choices.

Your customers receive the most relevant information for their interests at a given time. That adds value to your business whether you make a sale or not.

That experience is what content marketing brings to your business.

Sharing the “why” behind the “buy” with your customers and community, positions your store as a trusted resource.

The rest is up to your store’s personality and how well you communicate and demonstrate your value proposition.

Nutrition News content marketing is designed to align and leverage shared values for food, nutrition and how they impact health.

That’s a great story to tell.

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