The “Is It Healthy?” Game Framework

Optimal health is part of nature’s design. So are we. Yet we’re the only creatures on the planet that can voluntarily “opt-out” of nature’s success plan for us. And, let’s face it, if we don’t have health, we’re in decline. This is a very good reason for choosing to play the “Is It Healthy?” Game.

We use the word ‘game’ in the sense that in any game, some things are important to winning the game. Ball in basket, puck in net, ball, strike or hit.

Having a health game requires a context or a framework in which something can occur in.

When we’re talking about health, our context either supports our health, or it doesn’t. Playing the “Is It Healthy?” Game can powerfully expand our context for health.

When we focus our awareness and attention on our health commitments and choices, the game requires actions that result in more good health showing up in our lives. The context is always decisive.

The key to mastering the “Is It Healthy?” Game is in who we’re being in the matter of our health. Until our health context is part of who we’re being, our success, satisfaction and results are often unreliable.

And It’s not just about “knowing” how to be healthy either. Most of us already know how to lose weight:  Diet and exercise, right? But if just knowing made the difference, we’d all be thinner and more fit wouldn’t we?

In our lives, we’re all dominated by something. Some of us are dominated by resisting. Choosing what will dominate us from moment to moment is a powerful act.

We created the “Is It Healthy?” Game to find as many as possible who choose to be dominated by a context of health.  That”s playing the “Is It Healthy?” Game.

Mastering the game comes from playing in all the domains of our lives. You win every time you ask,“Is It Healthy?” and you can answer, “Yes.”

Attention  is the first step toward taking action. Our job is to remind you of what to pay attention to. Your job is to focus your attention.

As Darth Vader said, 

“Resistance Is Futile”.

So let’s get started.

Join us and play The “Is It Healthy?” Game. 

Siri & Gurumantra Khalsa

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It’s called playing the

“Is It Healthy?” Game.