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This is a photo of a child prodigy. How do these children differ from us?

When Ruthsatz and Urbach profiled 8 prodigies, one shared similarity was working memory.

All scored in the 99th per­centile. Working memory allows us to complete a task by holding multiple pieces of information in mind for a short time. Working memory can be trained.

 Brain Fitness

What Does Your Brain Truly Need?

What Is Neuroplasticity?

When Does Your Brain Begin To Age?

Which Natural Brain Boosters Work?

What Does Your Brain Truly Need?

Physical exercise is the single best activity for enhancing brain function.

Simply stated, when we work to be physically fit, we support our brains at the same time.

Beyond physical exercise, mental exercise also keeps the brain in shape – particularly learning something new. Of course, everything we do to support a healthy lifestyle – healthy food, adequate sleep, etc. – likewise supports brain function.

In this issue of Nutrition News, it becomes apparent that the brain has two loves. It loves physical exercise and it loves novelty. After a good workout, lifelong learning is the brain’s second favorite occupation.

Are you surprised? Read on and learn more….