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Down To The Bone!

Does anybody remember “Wall-E”? The 2008 animated movie from Disney? It takes place in 2805 AD. Humans are obese, have stubby, legs, and always carry a large soft drink.

More to the point, these humans cannot walk. They are ported about in mobilized loungers. Not an appealing future is it?

Unfortunately, by continuing on our present path, it won’t take another 800 years for a science fiction fantasy to become our reality.

Think about it: At least 70% of Americans (of all ages) are not getting what they need to build strong bones or to keep their bones strong.

The “bare bones” essentials are calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium. When you read this issue, you will find that only about 30% of us are getting sufficient amounts of these nutrients.

In truth, the nation is headed for an osteoporosis epidemic!

In this issue, we discuss osteoporosis and deliver a program to build strong bones.

Get With The Program, people!

Siri, Author-Editor, Nutrition News

Building Bone cover image