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There are 100s of health problems in our country.

Their roots are found in 7 syndromes.

There are dietary strategies we can use.

  • What are the 7 basic categories of disease we face today?

  • What 5 critical steps can we take to prevent them?

  • How many ways can we heal our bodies if we’re in jeopardy?

Based on a new book by Marcia Zimmerman, CN

Look inside and read more. . . .

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The most common diseases of our culture are rooted in poor self care. The body always wants to go toward health. It can take a lifetime for a degenerative disease to be fatal.

It takes far less time to heal. And, that which can keep us well can heal us

Using a balanced program of good health strategies ensures health over time. – Siri Khalsa

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Supplement Essentials

“ In wilderness is the preservation of the World. . . . From the forest and wilderness come the tonics and barks which brace mankind. . . . ”

— Henry David Thoreau

In a time when health challenges seem so prevalent, we are wise to take Thoreau’s advice and turn to nature. In her latest book, 7-Syndrome Healing (coauthored by Jayson Kroner), well known author and nutritionist Marcia Zimmerman uses this quote to illustrate that we are blessed with everything we need for lifelong health.1

In 7-Syndrome Healing, Marcia has categorized the seven major degenerative diseases of our time. Under most circumstances, these disease states are preventable.

Following the health rule that what prevents will cure, in this book we go on an in-depth journey to sustain or regain our health. The authors explain each syndrome simply and offer a specific supplement program. More than 130 of the most effective and beneficial dietary supplements available today are discussed.

You may be asking, “What are these seven syndromes?”

We called Marcia Zimmerman and put the question to her.

NN: Marcia, please tell our readers about the seven syndromes highlighted in your new book.

MZ: That’s an essential starting point, isn’t it? They are:

1) The Stress Syndrome;

2) The Metabolic Syndrome;

3) The Cardiovascular Syndrome;

4) The Immune Syndrome;

5) The Malabsorption Syndrome;

6) The Hormone Syndrome; and

7) The Osteo Syndrome.

These seven categories encompass hundreds of health problems in our modern world. The conditions are preventable and subject to cure.

However, left untreated, they worsen and are eventually fatal, the cause of premature death.

NN: What would you like us to take away from reading the book?

MZ: The answer to that is threefold. First, Jayson and I wanted to set a standard to identify and describe each of the body’s major biological syndrome categories.

Secondly, we wanted to accurately describe how the body functions and then point out the connection among corresponding major syndromes.

Finally, we wanted to tell readers something about the countless measures that can be taken when trying to achieve and maintain good health. This includes lifestyle strategies, dietary consciousness, supplementation, and some other areas that we describe in detail.

NN: Thank you, Marcia. This book is clearly a passionate endeavor and is an invaluable resource for our readers.

In this issue of Nutrition News, we’re going to outline the seven syndromes and highlight some of the lifestyle and supplement recommendations you mentioned.


Marcia Zimmerman, CN

Supplement Essentials


1 Ms Zimmerman is also the author of the highly acclaimed The A.D.D. Solution, plus Eat Your Colors, The Anti-Aging Solution, and 7-Color Cuisine.

2 Readers, please note that this book is absolutely packed with wonderful information, including extensive supplementation recommendations. You can refer to the text for an in-depth examination.

A small number of these books are currently available through the natural products store, distributed by NOW. The book will be available to the general public early in 2007.

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Supplement Essentials & The Stress Syndrome

Stress is considered by many to be the basis of all  disease. However, any stressful situation that can be quickly addressed won’t pose a significant health threat over time. Of course, this excludes the effects of poor diet.

Many of us turn to nutritionally empty “comfort foods” during times of stress, making a bad situation worse.

It is chronic psychological stress that causes us to feel “stressed out”. This type of stress persists over time and manifests in many chronic health problems, including anxiety disorders, depression, headaches, sleep disturbances, poor memory, and fatigue. The basic strategies for effective stress management are:

  1. Eliminate the stress.
  2. Exercise to balance the mind and body.
  3. Be mindful, meditate or pray, and relax.
  4. Eat lots of fresh whole foods.
  5. Supplement with appropriate nutrients.
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Supplement Essentials & Supplements for Relieving Chronic Stress

The most important first step in any supplement program is a multivitamin-mineral formula with high levels of natural carotenoids and vitamins A, C, and E. It has been shown that stress cannot be adequately countered by food intake alone.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) supports the body against large amounts of free radicals produced by stress. Although ALA is synthesized by our bodies, quantities are not sufficient for antioxidant therapy.

Supplemented, it has the ability to target both fat- and water-based tissues and to recycle other antioxidants such as glutathione and CoQ10. It alleviates age-related memory problems, plus improves energy, vision, and skin.

S-Adenosyl Methionine

S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) can counter various mental effects of stress. SAMe is known for its ability to alleviate depression. It also helps improve age-related memory irregularities, regulates mood, combats fatigue, contributes to healthier joints, helps improve liver health, and aids in pain management.

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Supplement Essentials & The Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome, formerly known as “Syndrome X”, describes numerous conditions that can increase a person’s risk for coronary heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes.

These conditions include obesity, high blood pressure, poor blood fat profile, and abnormal blood sugar (glucose) metabolism.

Five criteria have been established to identify the syndrome. The presence of three of the five justifies the diagnosis

  • Waist measurement of 40.16 inches in men and 34.65 inches in women
  • High serum triglycerides (150 mg/dL)
  • High blood pressure (130/85 mm Hg)
  • Low HDL (good) cholesterol (less than 40mg/dL in men and less than 50mg/dL in women)
  • High fasting serum glucose (greater than 110mg/dL)


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Supplement Essentials & Supplements for Countering Metabolic Syndrome

The supplements listed under stress are also applicable here. Additional support includes the following:


Chromium is a trace mineral essential to the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It has also been shown to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin.


CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is an omega-6 fatty acid that is touted as a weight loss support. Studies show it helps to burn stored fat and preserve lean muscle mass.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle (Silymarin) is important for liver health. It promotes general detoxification so that metabolism can function properly. Should one want to overcome alcoholism or other chemical dependencies, milk thistle helps the liver rid the body of toxins.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre helps improve blood sugar levels. It is linked to lowering LDL (bad cholesterol)levels and promoting weight loss. It shows particular promise for the Type 2 diabetes population.

Protein Powder

Protein powder can provide the body with enough protein to ensure that basic biological requirements are met. For those who live with hypoglycemia (low levels of blood glucose), adequate protein intake is particularly important.

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Supplement Essentials & The Immune Syndrome

Chronic stress and inflammation, which are key factors in the other syndromes, have a significant impact on the all-important immune system.

Chronic inflammation taxes the body and ultimately jeopardizes immune health. Supplement recommendations address chronic inflammation and autoimmunity, acute inflammation and infection, and allergies and asthma.

A multivitamin-mineral, alpha lipoic acid, omega-3 oils, vitamin E, and magnesium are all important to immune function. Other specifics include:


Selenium is an antioxidant trace mineral that shields cells from free radical-induced oxidation. This is especially important when an autoimmune-threatening virus enters the body.

When this happens, selenium levels become repressed, allowing the virus to reproduce quickly. Selenium supplements renew the necessary defenses to fight this process. In addition, selenium spares vitamin E, extending its antioxidant action in the body.


NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), a stabilized form of the amino acid L-cysteine, initiates the activity of glutathione, one of the body’s powerful antioxidant enzymes. When your body recognizes a foreign invader, NAC dispatches glutathione to escort these threatening free radicals to the liver where they can be safely excreted. NAC can be used therapeutically for immune system support and to promote lung and respiratory health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential to any supplement program, and thus to immune system function. It has healing, cell-protecting, and immune-boosting properties.

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Supplement Essentials & The Cardiovascular Syndrome

This syndrome involves the heart and any risk factors that put an otherwise healthy heart at risk. High blood pressure combined with high levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol as well as low HDL cholesterol are also early warning signs. In this chapter of 7-Syndrome Healing, there are five steps each related to a group of risk factors that make up the cardiovascular syndrome.

We will look at three of the five steps.

1 – Managing blood lipids: (Lipids are biologically active fats and fatty compounds.) Deviations in lipid metabolism are the primary links between the metabolic and cardiovascular syndromes.

Policosanol supports the cardiovascular system by decreasing the amount of LDL cholesterol while increasing ratio of HDL-to-LDL. It also reduces excess buildup of smooth muscle in artery walls, preventing narrowing of the arteries.

Garlic contains allicin shown to stop blood platelets from becoming sticky and clogging the arteries. Garlic has also been shown to protect artery walls from free radical damage. Plus, garlic helps the liver to metabolize cholesterol.

2 – Protecting the arteries:We now know that the cells of the arteries can be involved in an inflammatory process in which our own immune cells bombard us with “friendly fire”.

Red yeast rice prevents the liver from producing cholesterol, helps manage triglyceride levels, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. All of these actions help protect the arteries.

Omega-3 fish oils are needed to carry out many biological functions. Numerous studies show that omega-3 essential fatty acids help to lower cholesterol, support immune system function, reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin, and may even be beneficial in treating mental and neurological disorders.

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which also protect the arteries.

3 – Heart energetics: This is of major importance in reversing Cardiovascular Syndrome. Not only are electrolytes such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium important to optimum heart and blood vessel function, they are vital to the life force energy of the trillions of cells in the body.

Coenzyme Q10 has been shown to aid in cholesterol management. It improves the quality of heart cells and blood vessels and also produces the energy needed for healthy blood pressure and rhythmical heart contractions.

Magnesium assists in the production of cellular energy and helps strengthen and condition the cardiovascular system.

Without proper magnesium levels, the heart is unable to put its energy supply to use.

Hawthorn contains a powerful group of antioxidants known as vitexin. Studies show this herbal substance can help increase blood flow to the heart by countering arterial narrowing.

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Supplement Essentials & The Malabsorption Syndrome

The digestive system is absolutely paramount to health. After all, if we can’t digest food and absorb its nutrients, how can we sustain health?

Malabsorption is a general term for poor digestion, microbe overgrowth, and abnormalities in gut mucosa. Poor digestion can result from lack of digestive enzymes, organ dysfunction, illness, or stress. Stress actually has a significant effect on digestion and nutrient absorption.

Unfortunately, many chronic and degenerative diseases have been linked to changes in intestinal microflora. These include irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease, including celiac, Crohn’s, and ulcerative colitis.

Additionally, autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis have also been linked to intestinal microflora. Fortunately, there are measures we can take to restore a healthy balance of microflora in our intestines.


Acidophilus is a single celled member of the probiotic family. This “good” bacteria helps the body maintain a beneficial digestive environment by eliminating harmful bacteria and increasing nutrient absorption. [There are also probiotic combinations with up to 12 lactic acid strains considered even more effective than acidophilus alone. Ed.]

Acid Redux- TM

Acid Redux-TM is mentioned here by name because it is a unique, patented digestive supplement. It is helpful to people who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. Acid Redux helps to control the production and release of hydrochloric stomach acids (which can travel into the esophagus and cause painful burning and damage). It is also helpful for heartburn, poor digestion, peptic ulcers, and stomach lining support.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are special enzymes that are produced only to digest food. Sometimes our bodies do not make sufficient amounts to thoroughly digest what we eat. We can take an oral digestive formula to effectively replace our missing enzymes. The formulas can be animal, plant, or microbial.

The products have specific functions. Read the label to ascertain which meets your particular needs.

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Supplement Essentials & The Hormone Syndrome

Hormones and the systems that produce them interact so closely with the complex neurological system that it is difficult to describe one without the other.

Although we think mainly of the sex hormones when the word hormone is mentioned, there are actually five classes of hormones. Of these, the sex hormones are classified as steroid hormones. They include the familiar estrogens, androgens, and other hormones derived from cholesterol, including vitamin D.

The other four classes are: systemic hormones, stored in the glands that secrete them and released into general circulation; paracrine hormones released to be used by an adjacent organ; autocrine hormones released in the cell that uses them; neurotransmitter hormones released in the brain and central nervous system.

Our authors provide a general discussion of hormones and then focus on premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and andropause and virility. We’ll take a look at PMS and its relevant supplementation program.

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Supplement Essentials & The Osteo Syndrome

The skeletal system is literally our foundation. Elegant and even beautiful, it is one of the most neglected and misunderstood body systems. Thus, we find the Osteo Syndrome is the last syndrome examined in 7-Syndrome Healing. It is imperative to properly nourish and maintain our skeleton if we are to prevent osteoarthritis, bone loss, and joint pain.

Again remembering the basic supplements, be sure to add these to keep your bones strong.

Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium in sufficient amounts are indispensable to a healthy skeletal system.


Glucosamine is a natural amino sugar that the body uses to build, maintain and restore cartilage.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin Sulfate neutralizes several of the enzymes responsible for cartilage deterioration. This powerful combination has been found in numerous studies to help deliver vital compounds and fluids that help cushion bones. Also, they have been helpful in treating arthritis, muscle strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back pain.


Exercise provides regular movement, the most important gift you can give yourself and your bones. Don’t you wish you could get it from a supplement? Clearly, we have just scratched the surface of the information presented in 7-Syndrome Healing.

Any person committed to achieving, restoring and/or maintaining optimal health can use this text as a comprehensive resource. It is important to note that when it comes to supplementation, follow the recommended guidelines and check with your physician to ensure that the supplement program you choose doesn’t interfere with prescription medications.

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Supplement Essentials & Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Surveys suggest that 50-80 percent of women experience PMS symptoms at some time during their reproductive years.

Commonly reported symptoms include bloating, breast tenderness, sleep abnormalities, and mood swings. Diet plays a big role in PMS and the worst cases usually occur among women with the poorest diets. Foods that should be avoided include sugar, alcohol, caffeine, tea, cigarettes, red meats, salt and highsodium foods, and dairy products.

Also stay away from cold foods (which shut down circulation, adding to cramping) and sugary foods which contribute to every PMS symptom.

A multivitamin-mineral, omega-3 oils, vitamin E, magnesium, and vitamin C are all important to obtaining and maintaining a healthy body. The following nutrients target PMS.

Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree (Vitex agnus castus) is considered by some practitioners to be the single most important plant for the treatment of PMS.

Chaste tree berries stimulate the hypothalamus to increase lutenizing hormone. In turn, this hormone acts on the ovaries to increase progesterone during the second phase of the menstrual cycle. Low progesterone production and high estrogen levels are PMS markers in many women.

Using Vitex to increase the ratio of progesterone to estradiol can be important to PMS management.

Vitamin B 6

Vitamin B6 in addition to the amount found in one’s multimay be needed. A vital coenzyme for many bodily functions, B6 is heavily involved in the regulation of hormones.

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Supplement Essentials


  • Kroner. J & Zimmerman, M. (2006). 7-Syndrome

Healing. Nutrition Solution Publishing, Chico, CA.