Nutrition News Vitamin C - 2017 Cover

Without vitamin C, any one of us would die within a year.

Why? Vitamin C is a vitamin. The word vita is Latin for life. All vitamins are essential to life. In the classic desert island scenario, vitamin C is the one to pack.

A remarkable number of functions require vitamin C. Among these are immunity, stress response, antioxidant and anti-toxin functions, the nervous system, blood coagulation, and cardiovascular health.

It is necessary for the formation of bones, teeth, and cartilage. It is also essential in the healing of wounds, bruises, fractures, and capillary damage. And, it is needed for healthy skin.

It has been said that vitamin C has 1,000 functions we already know and possibly another 20,000 that we don’t know yet.

The late double Nobel Laureate and vitamin C guru Linus Pauling, PhD, called the vitamin a “panacea” – a cure-all substance.3