GMO_CoverThere WAS a recount, headed by Tom Courbat, former senior budget analyst for LA County. The recount process was met with cooperation in Orange and Sierra counties and with massive opposition in Fresno County, to the point that the private citizens who were paying for the recount were unable to pursue and complete the recount. You can read the whole story here:

Next Steps.

As you are aware, there are many new initiatives around the country to label GMOs. Counties, towns and states are taking this issue seriously and implementing change. It is wonderful that our PROP 37 did serve to educate many people.

What you can do now to continue your commitment to a wholesome food supply is join FOOD INTEGRITY NOW. This is an initiative, as the name states, dedicated to educating about and supporting integrity in all aspects of our food supply. To join, go to

CALL TO ACTION: Join Food Integrity Now at

Thank you to all those who were so generous in offering to donate talents, skills, abilities, services and time to this issue. Carol Grieve, founder of Food Integrity Now, is eager to hear from you about resources you wish to share to support the return to a clean, sustainable and wholesome food supply.