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Who says we don’t have sex education? Well, almost everybody in the U.S. seems to think that’s unapproachable. I love it when someone makes an end run around the barriers and makes the point, especially when the relevance of the message matches the audience. This non traditional campaign worked – for a while.

To promote world aids day and encourage young people to practice safe sex, an agency in Brazil, Quê Comunicação, ran what was a brilliant (but unfortunately illegal) Facebook campaign. Posting two videos on a popular youth station, one for men and the other for women, the videos were designed to be sexy and alluring to both demographics.

However, unbeknownst to those watching, the video was automatically posted onto their wall for all their friends to see, highlighting how HIV can spread without you even being aware of it. As the video posted information onto people’s walls without their permission, Facebook blocked the campaign before the day ended, but not before it reached over a million people. It might have been against the rules but it certainly had its impact. Genius!