Ractopamine is believed to cause elevated heart rates — and it’s banned almost everywhere but the US

Why is this not surprising? What does the rest of the world already know that we don’t?

Ractopamine may be meats most dangerous additive. Is this meat’s most dangerous additive?
By Martha Rosenberg

This month, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) and Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) have sued the FDA for withholding records pertaining to ractopamine’s safety.

According to the lawsuit, in response to the groups’ requests for information “documenting, analyzing, or otherwise discussing the physiological, psychological, and/or behavioral effects” of ractopamine, the FDA has only produced 464 pages out of 100,000 pages that exist. Worse, all 464 pages have already been released.

What ever happened to transparency? Truth in advertising? Or truth in labeling? How much more cash will be spent convincing the residents supporting Washington’s I-522 initiative that they can’t know if there are GMO’s in their food?

We’ve allowed the conditions to exist and proliferate which result in  toxic impacts of human and environmental degradation, suffering and death for far too long. By what values and authority do we condone,  maintain and preserve a system of regulations with minimal or no protection for human life? It the only choice really profit for some and suffering for all?

Why should you care about ractopamine safety? Martha Rosenberg at Salon tells us why  ractopamine may be meat’s most dangerous additive.